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Home Page Components - Free Form Content Area - Standard

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GTP iCommerce Website for Ecommerce Home Page Components - Free Form Content Area - Standard

Photo of Home Page Components - Free Form Content Area - Standard
Price:  $1.00 AUD
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Home Page Free Form Content Area

This is a block of content you edit within the CMS to put graphics, words and other information you would like to put.  The editor is WYSIWYG and also has HTML editing for more advanced web editors.

Some items usually in the location include

  • General information about the company
  • SEO content to increase potential search engine visibility
  • Customer service points of difference
  • Links to high priority product categories

Their can be several content sections set up on the home page for you to edit each one individually to keep sections distinct from each other.

Their is always one section available


Example - Bra Bar


Example - Caeneus


What Does This Cover

Inclusion of content area with template content for you to edit and change

What Does This Not Cover

The styling of the home page freeform content and insertion of content.  We can do this for you. Add a Home Page Content Styling Pack to your order.



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