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Products Show Page Detailing Product and Images

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GTP iCommerce Website for Ecommerce Products Show Page Detailing Product and Images

Photo of Products Show Page Detailing Product and Images
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Product Page -  Page Displaying Individual Product.

Everything leads to the show product page where you get to do showcase all the great things about your products using photos and descriptive text. 

This is an critical page showing the product, its options, imagery and descriptions.

The key to sales is to provide detailed information for each product and good images.

There are many components and functionalities with a GTP product page  that are available by default or can be coded into a product listing page and the choices made will depend on the type of products being offered.

Common GTP Show Product Elements Available

Product Image Components

  • Upload multiple images
  • Images resized and compressed for different devices automatically
  • mouse over images to see enlarged images
  • click on image to open enlarged window
  • mouse over small images to see larger images
  • Add more images via description area as well
  • Add video via description area
  • Embed YOUTUBE and other embeddable video content (e.g. VIMEO)

Product Description Components

  • Create tabbed description section to break up content
  • Add images within description area
  • embed video in description area
  • Use WYSIWYG editor for description or edit HTML

Product Page Other Features

  • Show if in Stock
  • Pop Up Shipping Information (standard)
  • Pop Up Size Chart Information Where Needed *
  • Print Page
  • Tap and Click QTY Changes

Product Pricing Features - Standard

  • Multi pricing levels available determined by login status - Good for wholesale as well as retail
  • Special Prices showing savings
  • Specials prices controlled by start and end dates so can pre pre prepare sales
  • Currency Converter
  • Master - Slave Products where slave products have different prices
  • Slave products when selected change price information
  • Master Slave Pricing is good for when you have the same product in different size and colour options

Add on Features

  • Product Reviews Listings and Star Ratings (Add this module elsewhere)
  • Product Review Engine (Add this module elsewhere)

Social Media Features

  • Opengraph tags for Facebook, Twitter etc
  • Share products via social media links including facebook, twitter and pinterest. - These are the important ones

Usability Features

  • Add to wishlist (Add this module elsewhere)

  • breadcrumbs navigation


  • Customisable content above and below products being listed
  • Well structured SEO features for URL structure
  • Customisable meta title tag
  • Customisable meta description tag
  • Grid layout of product images using optimised images of multiple sizes and compressed
  • Optional inclusion of small product brand images with each product
  • Product name linked through to more details
  • Pricing information.
  • More Info button
  • Add to wishlist functionality
  • Links to other subcategories 
  • Recently viewed products module
  • Sort by functionality by price, name, brand and others can be added
  • Microdata and Opengraph data
  • Breadcrumbs navigation
  • Ability to add same freeform content - e.g. graphic advert or promo to bottom of each list product page by editing in one area once.
  • Individual customised content for each subcategory as well.
  • Responsive layout to adjust to different resolution/siezed desktop and mobile devices
  • Layed out with left or right menus or excluding menus.
  • Ability to overlay marketing and promotional images such as SALE, Special, For Sale, Sold, Deal and other graphics you can create and upload yourself as well.

Component Add Ons to this page

  • Quick View Pop Up function for desktop viewers to not leave page but see more detail *Quickview is Additional as the quickview display requires custom styling
  • Ability to add to cart from list product page (off by default - Note not available if products have options to be selected.  In this case you click through to full product details).  This customisation requires additional investment.

What is Covered

  • Styling to site style and required list products styling
  • Creation of required functionality

What is not covered

Uploading of product images. This is data entry of products which can be done by you via the CMS or added as data entry elsewhere. 

Content entry

Where the styling or functionality specified is above and beyond standard list product page features.  Customisations to list product pages can be quoted on an as needs basis. Note: this is not generally needed.

Where do I Upload and Change Product Images

  1. Log into the CMS
  2. Click in Products
  3. Click List and Edit Products
  4. Find your Product and upload an image for it
  5. There are several product search and browse functions in the CMS to suit different purposes.


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