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Membership and Member Subscription Module

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GTP iCommerce Website for Ecommerce Membership and Member Subscription Module

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Membership Module

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Membership and Member Subscription Module

If you have members who pay for annual membership dues then this module handles different membership levels

  • Members complete a form with all their details
  • They can then select and pay for the appropriate membership level
  • e..g Full member, associate, student, etc
  • Payment information is taken via CC or PayPal or invoiced
  • Back office management of members to activate, deactivate and expire to manually override automatic settings
  • Members can login to view member-only content
  • Members can retrieve their login details themselves
  • Members can update their contact information themselves (or as defined by your needs)
  • All payments are linked to members for events and memberships
  • Members only special pricing rules can be coded in
  • Integrated bulk email marketing to members for renewals, promotions, event publications

Where Do I Edit My Membership Information Myself

Membership Management involves several interacting parts

  • Membership Products
  • Contact Data
  • Subscription or memberships section linked to contacts and membership products

Basics of running membership subscription sections are

  • Create membership products...
  • and set expiry term for products
  • Members pay for products and become members and expiry date is set from the member product
  • Membership categories and statuses can be manually managed as well
  • Member only pages are edited in the CMS and marked as member only

Updates to Member Module Layout and Functions

If you want GTP to update or customise the member module or create special functions for your membership sections pages, we bill at our standard hourly rate.

What Does This Item Cover?

  • Activation of Membership Module
  • Styling of Membership Module into Your Web Sites Style and Colours in liaison with you
  • 2 hour training on entering event content and linking to
  • It does not cover entering membership content - that's your department :-) or select data entry services if desired.

Tricky things we have done

  • Charge NZ Customers in NZ dollars and AUD customers in AUD dollars and US customers in US Dollars.
  • Custom rules as to if someone can become a member or an approval process and automated email chain occurs


  • Over the phone
  • Remote access via teamviewer
  • GTP Support site (PDFs. Video)
  • You can create your own support notes as well in our CMS
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