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Cart Recovery Module for Automated Cart Recovery Emails

Product ID: CartRecoveryEmails

GTP iCommerce Website for Ecommerce Cart Recovery Module for Automated Cart Recovery Emails

Price:  $1,650.00 AUD Setup
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CART Recovery Module for E-commerce Web Sites


Cart recovery is different from checkout recovery. Cart recovery is where items are added to the shopping cart but the checkout process is never commenced.

Cart recovery is only possible if the website visitor is motivated to provide their email or mobile number or accept push notifications while on your site.

That is why integrating strong offers that motivate visitors to identify themselves is a necessary component of any website.

This coding module enables the Identification of abandoned carts as they happen, and automates cart recovery emails with customisable offers delivered at defined time frames.

With GTP\'s Cart Recovery module, GTP eCommerce converts lost sales opportunities into money in your account.

Turning shoppers into buyers after they have been distracted, or have hesitated with simple effective automated cart recovery emails that incentivise customers to return and finish their purchase.

By converting a lost opportunity into a customer, you can now expand your sales into repeat business through GTPs email marketing platform, or using remarketing/retargetting strategies on social media and online destinations like gumtree, ebay, new sites and more.

Notable Features:

  • Simple Setup—- GTP sets up automated emails containing the products your visitor looked at, and added to their shopping cart in an attempt to re-engage that consumer before they buy somewhere else. 
  • Live Data Capture— We implement code to record every product page looked at, or any product added to the persons shopping cart.  We are there ready to capture an email address to connect all this product information to.  This enables sophisticated cart recovery efforts to be undertaken.
  • Multiple Automated Cart Recovery Messages—Timeliness, persistence and repetition can be key in bringing back a sale from the dead.  Cart recovery emails can be sent within minutes, hours and then spaced days and weeks apart.
  • Cart Content—Cart recovery emails are relevant showing exactly what items were left in the shopping cart when the website was abandoned.
  • Cart Recovery Statistics—Cart recovery is a substantial and profitable part of your overall conversion rate.  Reports on sales generated by cart recovery emails indicate the value of following up.


Cart Recovery in one strategy that is best implemented with a Re-Marketing system so that your web site visitors are repeatedly exposed to your products and encouraged to return to your site and purchase from you and not a competitor.  Re-marketing does require additional advertising funds so the benefit of GTP\'s automated cart recovery emails is that their is no additional investment once set up.

Remarketing Options along with your cart recovery emails can include

- Remarking ads to only those whom you did not get an email address from to lower advertising spend

- Remarketing ads to both those whom you recieved an email address and those that did not.  We see this as more likely to increase conversion of those whom also provided you with an email address.

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