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Perth, capital of Western Australia, is an easy going beautiful city and business and mining hub.  A sprawling city across 50+ km of sandy coastline, Google Adwords is a perfect medium for targetted advertising towards close-by suburban areas for your products and services, or those suburban demographic areas who are the most profitable for you.

Did you know that Perth's population is 2.06 miliion, and is Australias 4th largest city providing you with huge opportunities to grow your business.  If you are not educated and using adwords as part of your marketing mix, you will be missing out on these customers.

Adwords allows you to choose where and when you want your advertisements to show and to be able to turn on and off your lead generation traffic tap based on your capacity.

The Essence of Google AdWords

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Is Adwords Right For You?

7 Adwords Advertiser Pre-Requisites

Your Sales Conversion is Good

Your company needs to have an effective sales process that delivers at least 30% up to 60% sales conversion for service based businesses.  If your team is poor at sales once they get a lead, you should invest firstly in sales effectiveness training (1-5k) and sales process improvement.  Adwords delivers leads, but it's up to you to close the deal.

your advertisements to show and to be able to turn on and off your lead generation traffic tap based on your capacity.

Your Average Sale is High

Adwords is perfect for high value service based businesses and much harder for low value sales.  The exception for low value sales is where the lifetime customer value is high.

Your Customer Lifetime Value is High

Even if your per sale value is low, adwords can introduce long term customers to you whose lifetime value will Justify adwords customer acquisition investment.

You have an Effective web site

Adwords is the signage that takes people to an expected destination.  If the destination is disappointing (old and tired building), it doesn't matter how much you spend on signage, it wont deliver a result.

You can direct to optimised landing (web) pages

Most businesses offer a variety of services.  The more accurately you can land a paid visitor on exactly the right web page on your site, the higher your lead conversion rate is.  Your users should not need to click to another page to get the information they need.

Your web pages have obvious and effective calls to action

Make it super easy for your users to phone or enquire without needing to go to a different page.  Mobile sites have click to call and desktop sites web forms on every landing page in highly visible locations and easy to complete.

You have an automated follow up processes from add clicks

Don't fool yourself into thinking first time visitors will enquire, Smart operators keep in front of their paid prospects with email drip campaigns building trust and demonstrating capability as well as following prospects around with visual ads on googles partner network and facebook for the duration of the buying cycle.  This is the real key to improving conversion rates 3-5 fold.

Selecting High commercial Intent Keywords

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Google Adwords is not the rocket science other digital agencies may make it out to be.  

Common sense and a willingness to learn and take some interest in your marketing will both: pay big dividends and deliver long term savings.  

Sure, there are a few gotchas to learn, but read on, we can help you avoid these.  You can start off with a very small budget and build up over time.  If you want to divest yourself of responsibility at some point, we can fully takeover, but in order to ask intelligent questions to maximise your investment you need to be prepared to learn a little. How else can you tell if we are doing a good job.



It could be very good for you.  All marketing is about buying clients at the lowest possible cost.  They call it cost per acquisition (CPA).  Adwords is a pay per click (PPC) platform that can be a no brainer for higher value services such as consulting, or high end products such as solar panels, or high profit products even if they don't cost that much.  PPC is harder for e-commerce sites selling low priced products unless there is a good chance of repeat business.

But we'll also need to know how well your site converts lookers to real hot leads.  If your conversion is poor then a lot of money can be wasted.  On the flip-side, good industry conversion rates can maker it extremely profitable.

The numbers may seem hard, but we'll show you how simple they are and show you where your break even needs to be.  We then work hard to beat the hell out of that number and make your campaigns profit winners.

We like to educate so lets talk and see if there is merit in Google Adwords for you.



When you search on google for a product or service, advertisers pay to show their ads to you.  The best part is they only pay if you click on their advert.  If you don't click on their advert, they showed it to you for free. WOOHOO some free branding.

That's why it's called Pay Per Click or PPC.  Adwords is the simplest form of PPC.  Others include re-marketing, Facebook ads, video ads.

Advertisers like you can laser target their customers by showing their ads only to people from a certain geographic area and who searched using a particular keyword.

This is powerful as you can target people with commercial intent in your area.  The intention to buy combined with quality and emotive information on your web site delivers leads and drives up sales.

With good Google Adwords management, your cost per acquisition drops delivering you more customers at lower cost per sale.


We will help put you above the rest in your industry


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Keyword Identification

- FACT: we focus on keywords with highest commercial intent first -

Information source: Placester

Measurement and Conversion

- HOW: we set up tracking and conversion codes and rules -

What you can track with google:

  • Website actions: Purchases, sign-ups, and other actions.
  • Phone calls: Calls directly from your ads, calls to a phone number on your website and clicks on a phone number on your mobile website. 
  • App installs and in-app actions: Installs of your Android or iOS mobile apps, and purchases or other activity within those apps.
  • Import: Customer activity that begins online but finishes offline, such as when a customer clicks an ad and submits a contact form online, and later signs a contract in your office.

Landing Page Optimisation

- TIP: there is no point driving traffic to non-converting pages -

View full infographic: Kiss Metrics


AD Copywriting

- HOW: we split test headlines and content and adjust based on response -

Some tips to help you:

  1. What appeals to your audience?- Use phrases and wording that will attract your audience to accomplish what they want. 
  2. Numbers and stats in headlines - Most users already know what they want to spend on a product show why you are better than your competitors.
  3. Unique keywords and rich URLs -  The display URL can be something more interesting and relevant to your ads. Should contain your keywords.
  4. Points of difference - show why you are better in short phrases
  5. Focus on the benefits - Show how you will make your users lives easier.




- MONEY: we set budget limits on days, schedule ads, turn off ads on some days -

  • Googles recommended budget estimates what amount is needed to accommodate the number of clicks that your ads could receive in a day, based on how much traffic is available for your current keywords.
  • If you choose a daily budget that's lower than the recommended amount, your ads can still show, but they won't show for every search. Instead, google will spread the delivery of your ad throughout the day so that you don't exceed your budget by more than 20%. Learn Why costs might exceed your daily average budget.
  • If your budget is limiting your campaign's traffic, you'll be able to see recommended budget amounts.


Negative Keywords

- FACT: Google will show your ads for irrelevant searches to cost you money. We work to stop this -

Case Study: House Painter in Perth was coming up for google search related to face painting and other art terms. This cost him every time someone clicked on his ads! These were some of the negative keywords that were added to his campaign.

  • Face
  • Artist
  • Art
  • Oil
  • Spray
  • Format
  • Life
  • Surreal

These are terms that will bring up unwanted clicks and will cost you money one of the biggest ones for this type of field is Face as you end up being charged for Face painting which is clearly not relevant to your business. 


We prefer to start off with smaller budgets and build success before ramping up your budget and widening the net.   Conversion analysis of clickers to customers, browsers to buyers, lookers to leads is reviewed regularly to discover if


  • Landing pages are appropriately optimised and laid out.
  • keywords being targeted are appropriate
  • Google is costing you by using poor keyword matches.
  • They don't do this on organic search but are happy to take your money through Adwords.
  • Adverts are appealing to your target audience



- Adwords is simple to understand and difficult to master.  We can help negotiate the common pitfalls and create a positive ROI. -


Infographic sourced from: Powered by search

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