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Price:  $1,650.00 AUD
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GTP Homepage Makeover!


Are you sick of the look of your home page. Is it looking dated, tired, clunky. Are you envious of the look of other peoples home pages?
Do you think you would get more calls, more leads and more business by looking newer, bolder and modern?
Now is the time to take action and fall back in love with the look of your home page.
The good news for you is that we have recently completed some fantastic projects and there is a small window of opportunity for us to take on 3 new projects over the coming month.
We have available 3 spots for this package and a home page refresh may be just the thing you need to fall back in love with your home page and generate more leads.
Give us a call to discuss your ideas and we will share ours so we can implement fresh ideas to reinvigorate your site!

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What we will need from you?

  • 3 Sites you like
  • Core features you want
  • Any important information you need on the homepage
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What you will receive?

  • Design concepts sent through as PDF files for you to give feedback on
  • Several rounds of changes up to the 15-hour mark so we can take on board your feedback
  • A quote to implement the design on your web site and upgrade the look of your home page and header structure to 2020 standards.

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