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Price:  $1,200.00 AUD
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Logo Design or Upgrade

YOUR LOGO IS A LARGE PART OF YOUR BRAND - Make sure your logo is modern and fits your brand.
Is your logo clunky and old? Logos can age and keeping them modern and still your brand can be a difficult task, but one that our designer is talented at doing.
Or are you starting a whole new business and need a fresh, interesting and effective logo to kick off your new business.
Today is the day to get your logo design from just $1200 $600.
We have 6 spots available as we have just finished off a few projects and have some time free this month.
  • Create visual impact
  • Relate to the viewer - Empathise with their situation
  • Excite the viewer - Show them the possibilities
  • Tease the viewer - Get them curious for more information.
  • Demonstrate capability to the viewer - Show them what you can do

Examples of our work:

GCS Services
Stage Makeup
Heat Pumps Perth
Smarter Home

I\'m an image
What we need from you?

  • 3 logos you like
  • Core features you want
  • Tagline if you have one
  • Colour scheme

I\'m an image
What you will receive

  • PDF, PNG & JPG of the final design.
  • PNG set up for print & web (CYMK & RBG)
  • Colour Codes
  • Font List

Logo Redesign
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