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GTP iCommerce Email for Companies Company Email Accounts - Pop Email Accounts

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Price:  $165.00 AUD Annually
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Company Email Accounts - Pop Email

Pop email is the cheap and cheerful form of an Email which can make it more cost effective when you need several to tens of email accounts for different staff.

GTP includes POP Email hosting with any web site hosting package for up to 10 email addresses or for a fee if web hosting is not with GTP.

The advantage of POP Email

  • Cheaper for multiple accounts

Disadvantages of POP Email

  • Email is not synchronised across devices. Instead, it downloads to each device separately and must be deleted or placed into folders separately.
  • You might donwload your email on one device at home and then email does not come down at work. (You can fix with a setting called leave on server)
  • When you file email on one computer, it is not filed on the other.

A console can be provided so you can create or remove email accounts

The main alternatives are iMap Email or Office365 Email which deals with the syncronisation issue.

See these email options elsewhere.

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