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New Domain Name Registration and Complete Setup

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GTP iCommerce Domain Names New Domain Name Registration and Complete Setup

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Price:  $99.00 AUD Per Domain
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New Domain Registration and Complete Setup

Registration and DNS setup of a brand new domain name. Lasts 2 years.  It also includes setup of up to 3 email addresses on the system and providing digital setup instructions for your outlook, mac mail, iPhone or samsung phone.


  • Discussion and consultation on preferred domain names with respect to search engines, usability in email addresses, alias domains and how they work.
  • Searching and validation of domain availability or informing of domains taken.
  • Registration and payment of domain name within the GTP Domain management account
  • , .com  and other variations.  We will notify you if a requested extension is more e.g. .biz
  • domains are registered to your ABN or BRN
  • Generation of  four redundant global Route53 Amazon Name servers
  • Setup of Amazon name servers within domain console
  • Set up of Plesk Console Interface
  • Setup of email and hosting zone files based on standard configurations
  • Setup of basic anti spam SPF Records
  • Additional configuration of Office 365 of Hosted Exchange settings will be additional
  • Generation of Tax Invoice and memorisation for every 2nd year for domain name 
  • Invoicing every 2nd year for domain renewal to help you avoid being scammed.
  • I.E. You don\'t need to worry about a thing. Just tell us the domains you want to register


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Why Shouldn\'t I Just Register the Domain Name Myself

These are some reasons it is easier and less hassle to have us register and manage your domain name.

  • To avoid future issues such as domains expiring un-expectantly stopping email and your web site.  This will cost you hundreds of dollars in lost productivity should it happen.
  • Being charged false renewal fees by scam or overpriced domain companies
  • Being able to completely ignore fake domain or scam renewal messages except communications from GTP
  • Keeping your domain names consolidated
  • Not needing to remember and manage passwords for your domain name
  • GTP being able to make changes to the domain hosting settings as infrastructure changes, quickly and easily to avoid down time
  • GTP being able to respond faster in disaster recovery scenarios to move services.  If a server goes down, and you do not know your password, you may not be able to retrieve it if you manage the domain yourself.
  • It will save you money because we will charge you $99 for DNS and Hosting setup with a BYO domain anyway as the time taken to get all the required access is the same if not more.


Want Control of Your Own Domain?

Just select the Domain Password Retrieval and Transfer Out Service and Pay Online to facilitate this.  We send you the domain transfer password and update the registrant email address to you address so you can transfer the domain out of our control.


What do I do Next

We Need

  • Your ABN Number
  • The Domain Names you want to register
  • Add to Cart the number of domain names you want to register and list them in the checkout with your ABN.
  • Put your payment details through the GTP Checkout


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