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Google Adwords Setup

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GTP iCommerce Paid Traffic To Your Site Google Adwords Setup

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Price:  $1,650.00 AUD
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Google Adwords Setup

15 Hours across 1 month on Google Adwords setup, ad refinement, and keyword refinement

No Contracts and you have the ability to increase your AdWords budget, decrease, pause, stop at any time.  No lock-in contracts.  Just pay as you go for services.

Note: Your AdWords budget that is paid to Google is additional.  This product is for setting up your AdWords campaign and putting in place goals tracking as a once off charge.


What is Google AdWords?

Unless you are brand new to online marketing, Google AdWords has been around since 2000 delivering traffic to websites for payment.   The broad term used for AdWords is ‘pay per click’.

Pay Per Click (or PPC) is an online marketing method where you bid against your competitors to buy visitors to your website from other websites that already attract a lot of visitors, such as search engines (e.g. Google) and business directories (e.g. StartLocal).

By bidding a set price ‘per click’ you are able to ‘buy’ yourself into the search results page, bypassing Google’s regular algorithm for ranking websites. This is how Google makes its money.  

Google AdWords is a ‘paid shortcut’ to first page results on Google.

How does it work?

You will have seen Google AdWords in action whenever browsing the web yourself. Advertisers on the program display their advertisements at the top and bottom of Google organic (Free) search results.

When a potential customer searches on Google and clicks on your ad, your AdWords account gets charged the agreed bid and Google sends the customer to your site.

In general, the more money you are willing to pay ‘per click’ the higher you will be listed on the page.  This means more people will see your advert and more visitors will go to your pages.

Note: There are other factors that determine if your ads will show such as whether the page is relevant to the keyword being searched.  

Google calls this a ‘quality score’ and mastering this can save you thousands of dollars over time.


Why do I need AdWords?

Adwords is true \'results based\' marketing.   Managed correctly it can produce great results, even for very small budgets.  

You only pay for clicks that go through to your website and provided you can convert clicks to sales leads and sales cost effectively you will have another channel delivering sales to your business.

The exposure to your business through adwords is measurable down to which search terms generate sales and sales leads for you.  Adwords reports for e-commerce sites will give you an exact dollar figure of sales generated while lead generating sites require a little more guesswork based on your sales lead to customer close rate.

You can track goals and conversions such as sales on an e-commerce site, enquiries through your contact form and even track the number of phone calls you receive from your campaign.

Keeping track of your PPC campaigns can be time consuming and tricky, as seemingly small changes in your keyword or bid strategy can often result in big differences to the return on investment (ROI) of the campaign.

We are here to help you set up, maintain and extract the very most out of the platform. If you would like more information on how a managed Google AdWords campaign can bring new leads and sales to your business, then feel free to give our us a call on 1300 856 533 today.


How often will my ads be shown? 

Every time a search that matches your advertising criteria occurs your ad has the chance to appear. The key factors that determine this are the volume of search traffic, the quality of your campaign and your daily budget.  Google will intermittently show your ads throughout your scheduled running times so that your budget is consumed evenly throughout the period and not all on one surge of traffic.

Where will my ads be shown

You control where your ads are shown geographically and it is very important to limit where your Adwords campaign is shown so your budget isn\'t wasted on those who are less likely to buy from you.

  1. Limit the areas or geographic regions your ads are shown to those where you have buying customers.  Start with a small radius around your business or specifically target the geographic areas by suburb.
  2. Limit the adverts to google searches only (The google search page_ and avoid the content network (Not googles search page) because google search page is associated with higher buying intent.
  3. Limit your keywords to exact match to start off with PLUS
  4. Add in negative keywords to avoid paying for pointless clicks.  Google loves ripping off its AdWords customers here.  For example.  Google would display ads for Face Painting searches of my house painter client and charge a fortune for a click e.g. $10 (because it was irrelevant), even though Google knows they are a house painter from the content on their website. Thievery.
  5. Adjust and tweak these limits if the budget is not being used up or if the campaign is very successful at bringing in leads and clients.

Which page should I point my AdWords ad to

The page that your paid-for-visitors are sent to is crucial to the conversion from looker to lead.  

Landing Pages generally should be

  • Specifically tailored to communicate about the exact thing that was searched for.  E.G. If the search was for alarms, don\'t land visitors on something that talks about CCTV. Tell them about alarm systems
  • Easy Calls To Action. - Have a form on the page and a phone number in big font. Say things like "Get a Quote", "Request a Quote", "Get in Touch".
  • Big Benefit Driven Headline, +  A Subhead
  • Bullet point lists
  • Features and benefits
  • Reasons to choose you
  • Pictures

A good landing page will convert up to 10 times than a poor landing page.

What’s included in GTP\'s Professional AdWords Management Service?

  1. Keyword Discovery and Selection
  2.  Ad Text Creation
  3.  Help with Optimizing Landing Pages
  4.  Conversion Tracking
  5.  Call Tracking
  6.  Ad Submission
  7.  PPC Monitoring
  8.  PPC Cost Management
  9.  Campaign Improvement Modification
  10.  Competitive Research
  11.  Landing page development and improvements (as an additional service)


- Google Adwords Campaign Setup

- Keywords Selected

- Negative Keywords Entered

- Several Advert Variation for Google Search Page

- Landing Page Review, Tweaks. (Major Landing Page upgrades will be additional)

We can report monthly on your campaign’s success, including impressions, clicks, and conversions or you can access directly from Google. Additionally, after you review the report, we offer a one hour call with your team to explain your campaign’s progress, direction and answer any questions you may have.

After this, a regular review of results and experimentation of changes is generally advised to improve results.


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