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Company Email Accounts - Office 365 Exchange Email

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GTP iCommerce Email for Companies Company Email Accounts - Office 365 Exchange Email

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Price:  $110.00 AUD Annually
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Company Email Accounts - Office 365 Exchange Email

This is the Rolls Royce of email as your email, calendar, contacts and tasks are available on multiple devices in a synchronised manner.

You can log in to your email from any computer and use a simple interface or use outlook email or mac email programs to check and reply to your email.

The disadvantage is that each separate email account will cost $110 AUD per annum.  But this is around a small $9 per month or $2.25 per week. 

The time-saving in not having to double handle email is well worth the additional price and convenience. It will save you hours each week which is well worth the approximate $2.25 investment.

Your email is also stored in the cloud meaning that when you get a new device all your email will come down onto the new device usually with very little drama and cost.  This is very convenient.

Office 365 makes your phones contact list and calendar very useful as well with synchronisation of phone appointments to your desktop calendar and visa-versa.

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