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Hosted Exchange Setup

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GTP iCommerce Personal Email Hosted Exchange Setup

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Price:  $165.00 AUD
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Hosted Exchange Email Account Setup

We will setup the hosted email exchange infrastructure so that we can set up individual hosted exchange email accounts.

This includes

  • Creation of Office 365 Management Account
  • Secure recording of master passwords
  • Setup of domain name linking to office 365 account
  • Domain verification
  • Multiple DNS changes
  • Testing of DNS changes
  • Setup of email account(s) and recording of passwords
  • Communication of email settings and provision of support setup link for DIY email setup

In general, all you need to setup exchange email is an email and password and your email program, device should step you through the rest.


Note: This product covers the IT work involved in getting you ready to set up one or more exchange email accounts.  Microsoft charges per exchange account which is additional. 

GTP Charges $110 per year per hosted exchange email account.

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