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Hosted Exchange Email via Office 365 - Per Account

Product ID: HostedExchangeEmail

GTP iCommerce Personal Email Hosted Exchange Email via Office 365 - Per Account

Price:  $110.00 AUD Per Annum
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Hosted Exchange Email Individual Account Budget

We will setup a single users hosted exchange email account and provide settings so that the account can be setup.

  • Synchronise email between devices so that deleted emails and sent emails are deleted and in sent folders on your phone, PC, tablet and more.
  • Price is per email mail box per month.  You can have several alias domains going to 1 email mail box.
  • Setup and Importing of old emails into the new account is billed by time as an IT charge
  • For just over $2.20 per week, you get back hours of time every month

Select how many accounts you would like setup and provide a list of email account addresses in the notes section.

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