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SPF Records Updating

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GTP iCommerce Domain Names SPF Records Updating

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SPF (Sender Policy Framework) Records Updating

We will update your SPF records so when you send email from a different outgoing mail server that it doesn\'t get blocked.

An SPF record is a type of DNS record which is there to protect against hackers and spammers abusing your domain name to spoof email coming from your system.

The SPF record specifies which domains or outgoing mail servers can be used to send email as you. For example you may have an iinet connection at home and a bigpond connection at work.

You may have your outgoing email SMTP server set to bigpond at work. If your SPF record does not specify this then email going out from your office will be blocked by some recipients.

By updating your SPF record we can ensure better deliverability of your email. We usually recommend however that in most instance your outbound email should be

For example if your domain name is

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