Our latest big project - BIAWA membership directory website
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Our latest big project - BIAWA membership directory website

Our latest big project - BIAWA membership directory website

GTP work with a Boating Industry Australia to create a membership directory site.

BIAWA is the Boating Industry Australia WA. GTP has been working with the BIAWA board to create a beautiful and functional membership directory site. 

This site has many components but the most prominent aspects in this article are the:

  • Imagery
  • Membership Directory
  • Approved Professionals Directory
  • Front End Editing Capabilities
  • Boat For Sale



GTP spent a long time finding the perfect stock images for the site. Imargy is so integral to good site design and with a company such as a Boating industry stock images are often the best way to go. GTP sourced images that work with the colour palette and theme of the site.


Clear, simple and easy to follow design. GTP worked closely with the board to ensure that the messages were clear and that the imagery used helped to move customers through the site.


Keeping with the curves of the waves and general nordical theme we have worked this into the design of the content pages to keep things usbale but pretty.

For example on the Regional Boating guides pages we have made the down load for PDF files an image so that it is far more visually appealing, without loosing usablity.



News and Events needed to be a dynamic and easy to update section for admin. To achieve this GTP turned the already built-in blog section into the news and events.

This way if an event needs more information there is the space to do so, also allowing PDF's to be added and for a uniform layout of all the information. The recent events show on the bottom of all content pages to help push events.


The Get On The Water page was a lot of work to get this page right. With multiple renditions with icons and just plain text, but given how visal heavy this site is that is what we went with and it was the best option visually and functionally for the type of content page that this is.


The call to action on the bottom of all the content pages promotes two of the key aspects of the site that BIAWA wanted to push. The Approved Professionals application and the most recent events. Approved professionals is a form to get enquiries and the Events is just a link to the events pages where other they can apply for events or go to an other site ie. event bright/Boat Show of Australia site for ticket buying.


Membership Directory





A big part of this site development was the membership directory. Members can log in and from the front of the site edit their content and only their content.

Our system looks for the members number and if it doesn't match then the member can not edit the content, only allowing members to edit their own information and products/services. 

What can members do you may ask? Members can: 

  • Add products
  • Add and change product images
  • Remove products
  • Edit their own member information
  • Upload and edit slider images
  • Pay for subscriptions

GTP set up an automatic subscription that puts any new member into a pending category that then awaits an admin to come in and make active. Meaning that the board can vet members before they can post of the site. From the admin side they will receive reports daily of members use on the site to monitor what they are doing. 

The member directoty has a clean and simple layout that allows vistors to the site to easily browse the members of the BIAWA.

The final design for the member directory page is vastly different then the first design concepts but ultimately works much better for the users of the site.


Approved Professionals Directory


Similar to the members directory GTP have created a directory filter for Approved Professionals. As you can see in the image above there is a north and south option to help push users to the right direction, also giving members a fairer change of being seen by clients who are more likly to convert to a sale.


For members and professionals that are a smaller business or less comfortable using a computer, if there is no logo for their company the the BIAWA logo will appear to help keep uniformity but also to help ensure all business types that have a membership have the same level of trust.


Front End Editing Capabilities

There are two components to this:

  • Admin - Admin users have their own login that allows them to edit all content. GTP have developed a new front end editing view for our clients to use. Once an admin is logged in they can view all the pages of the site and an edit button will appear on all pages where a popup window will allow them to edit and update the content. There is also different levels of access for different admin types. Note: This capability can be added to most GTP sites if you are interested contact us on 1300 856 533 to discuss your options and budget.
  • Members only - this part of the function looks at the member number and matches it to their login and page URL meaning they can only see and edit on their listing. For the client/members there is a lot less stress and messiness when it comes to members logging in and editing content. As soon as they log in they see a button linking them to their listing. Members can also upload images without needing to log into the CMS! It is all done on the front end of the site. If you want to learn more about what membership site options there are from GTP please contact us today to get a Quote!







Boats For Sale


Boats for sale allows customers to bid on second hand boats. The bids work via the customers filling out a form that is send to the admin of the site. So while this is not a full ecommerce set up it does allow for some ecommerce functionality.

GTP is really proud of this site and the many new features that it has introduced to our team. If you have seen something that you like or would like to see on your own site please contact us to set up a meeting to discuss how we can help improve your site with you!

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