Revitalising Online Presence of Housing Quality Assurance Services
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Revitalising Online Presence of Housing Quality Assurance Services

Revitalising Online Presence of Housing Quality Assurance Services

Revitalizing Online Presence: The Transformation of

The Challenge: A website serves as the frontline of any professional service. For Peter Barnes, a respected Building Inspector in Perth, his website, (Housing Quality Assurance Services), was crucial in connecting with clients and showcasing his expertise.

However his old web host let his domain name expire and the web site die with it whilst Peter was away from Perth.

Enter GTP iCommerce: Recognising the need for an urgent recovery mission. GTP iCommerce stepped in to recreate and improve Barnes' online presence in a cost effective manner.

Their goal was clear: to transform into a modern, efficient, and user-friendly platform at minimal cost.

The Transformation: The process involved fast execution of the latest web technologies to enhance loading speeds and responsiveness, crucial for retaining visitor engagement.

Achieving GT Metrix Perfection: One of the consistent achievements of GTP is scoring perfect or near perfect GT Metrix scores which is a testament to the site's optimised performance. This metric indicates superior loading times, efficient resource usage, and overall website health, factors essential for higher search engine rankings and user satisfaction.

The Outcome: The renewed Perth Building Inspector website HQAS emerged not just as a mere website, but as a robust platform embodying Peter Barnes' commitment to quality in building inspection services. It stands as a testament to how digital rejuvenation can significantly enhance professional visibility and client engagement.

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