Our top 6 Email marketing Infographics
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Our top 6 Email marketing Infographics

Our top 6 Email marketing Infographics

We have found six fun and easy to understand Email marketing infographics to help you understand and implement effective email marketing


Infographic One.

While it’s perfectly natural for email marketing to play nicely with most digital media, stats are showing that new out-of-the-box blends of video, social and email strategies are offering even higher ROIs than traditional distributions.

Infograh source: adstation (2014)



Infograph Two.

Simple tips on sending your email Marketing campaigns in a fun and bright infograph. From building a database of clients to email to tracking your performance. 

infograph source: Visual Contenting (2011)



Infogrpah Three. 

Best and worst time to send your marketing emails. This is a great simple to read reference for times that you should be sending off your emails to draw traffic to your site. 

Infogrpah source: Pure 360



Infograph Four.

This statistics packed infograph is perfect for gaining a better understanding how effective email marketing can be. This is a case study for the Company B2B and how email marketing has improved thier business showing you how much you can improve your business through email marketing. 

Infograph source: Position 2



Infograph Five. 

Not only is mobile here to stay, it is exponentially growing in popularity. Don't get left behind learn how to get your emails onto mobiles and be more effective than ever!

Infoograph source: Zeta Gobal



Infograph Six.

7 tips to aviod ending up in the spam box! Often your emails can go unseen because they end up in the spam folder and this will hinder your campaign. These are just a few ways to help you achieve this. 

Infograph source: Boomerang


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