Stuffed Toys Get Stuck in The Wrong Location
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Stuffed Toys Get Stuck in The Wrong Location

Stuffed Toys Get Stuck in The Wrong Location

I was having a conversation with a friend of mine about SEO or search optimisation as she was doing work with a "Stuffed Toy" designer, wholesale and retailer for their SEO program

We were trying to work out how to get the site which currently ranked position 76 for Stuffed Toys to move higher.  We thought it was stuck in the wrong location.

I said "at least it's not stuck down the toilet". One of my other Clients, Kris from Splash and Gas had to use one of those fancy drain cameras that costs more than a Harley Davidson, as he puts it, to find out what was blocking the family toilet.

I suggested that we do an experiment and that we link from several new domains to the stuffed toys page on the site and see what happens.

So if you are interested in following the results of this experiment which we started late August 2020 then check where the above site ranks in your own time.

Generally we have found back links like the above are useful for highlighting individual pages for the search engines attention.

Date - August 28 2020

Keyword: Stuffed Toys - Ranking - 76 

Date - September 8 2020

Keyword: Stuffed Toys - Ranking - 47 (Improvement of 29 positions)

So you can see that backlinks can help.  This was the power of 1 backlink. A move up of 29 positions.  More backlinks from a variety of sources will assist over time.


We will update you with any changes to see if we were able to get the stuffed toys page unstuck from a bad position and how much work was required.



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