Secondhand Macbook Sales to a Gold Standard
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Secondhand Macbook Sales to a Gold Standard

Secondhand Macbook Sales to a Gold Standard

Are you looking for a great value Apple MacBook? Then look at getting a second hand one from GOLD PC  who are the gold standard for buying second hand macbooks in Perth.

Apple Macbooks are  both powerful and stylish machines.

However while everyone wants to have one, they are priced liked the high quality machines that they are.

While you can buy second-hand MacBooks from Apple where they call them “Refurbished Macbooks”, you can also get them even cheaper from someone who is upgrading, or from a second-hand computer retailer.

However, If you decide not to buy Apple’s second-hand Macbooks with their one year warranty, you will have to be extra vigilant purchasing second-hand Macbooks.

That's where Gold PC provide a thorough service.  

Read more on the Perth Buying Guide to Second Hand Apple Macbooks.


Why Gold PC 

  • The best refurbished Macs and other refurbished laptops and computers, Apple Mac repairs, computer repairs, Data Recovery, Virus Removals, Malware Cleanup and Broken Screen repairs.
  • Friendly and professional.
  • No fix, no charge - You get your money back if we fail to fix your computer or laptop.
  • Competitive pricing.
  • 3 Months Warranty on all refurbished devices.
  • Small business IT support including hardware and software, server setups, networking and IT security.
  • Elite customer service, we offer a courtesy computer while the client’s computer is being fixed.


Where Can You Find Gold PC

8A King William Street
Bayswater 6053 WA


Phone: +61-0892719924 | 0415332231

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