Perth Clay Soil Amendments Stop The Need for Soil Wetting Agents.
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Perth Clay Soil Amendments Stop The Need for Soil Wetting Agents.

Perth Clay Soil Amendments Stop The Need for Soil Wetting Agents.

My facebook friends will often see me posting photos of something I have harvested from my garden.  

My garden is a messy ramble of big trees, fruit trees like mango, avocado, citrus, way too many growbags with stuff in it like tomato plants. I also have roses, Australian wildflowers, overgrown grass, too many weeds and so forth. 

I have a particular fetish for strawberries and blueberries in pots.  My wife tolerates it. But I love picking blueberries and strawberries and eating as I go.  I love it when I can bring another avocado, a couple of tomatoes and know something from the garden was used to make our evening meal.

Many years ago, I heard a farmer at a business networking event saying he could fix our Perth sandy soils so that they wouldn't dry out.  This was back in 2010 and at the time I couldn't find anything on Google to support that claim.  Years went on and I was never able to get my plants healthy and productive.  Especially once summers scorching days hit. 

Fast forward 11 years and this farmers product has been featured extensively on Garden Gurus and other gardening shows as a wonder soil amendment that permanently fixes our sandy soils water repellence issues.

A Kaolin clay, silt and minerals mix, the clay once added to sand in the right amounts will disperse amongst the sand and can make the soil now hold 6 times as much water as before, and for much longer.  

I use to have my nursery plants die on me when I forgot to water them in summer.  Now I always mix in the Soil Solver Clay Soil Amendment product to the surrounding sandy soil before planting my new purchases and my success rate (Not killing the plan, and it thriving) is now almost perfect.

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