Organic Gin is the Wise Thing
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Organic Gin is the Wise Thing

Organic Gin is the Wise Thing

Organic Gin by Wise Wines: Lovers of Gin Will Get a Kick Out Of Wise Wines first Certified Organic Gin That's Smashing The Market.

The Organic Gin process starts with carefully selected parcels of Chardonnay grapes grown on certified organic Margaret River vineyards.

The grapes are fermented and the wine base is then made at the organically certified Wise winery.

The resultant organic wine is distilled giving a base alcohol. This base spirit is then triple distilled with certified organic botanicals being added for the final distil.

This process is time consuming and requires great attention to detail, but it is all made worthwhile when you taste the final product.

The exclusion of all chemical preservatives and additives leaves a crystal clear and stunning gin.

The Wise Organic Gin has a smooth alcohol and is very much in the classic London Dry style.

Organic Botanicals

Wise use 100% certified organic botanicals in their gin. They are chosen from a very few select suppliers who can meet organic certification requirements and who supply the finest botanicals.

This includes a blend of Juniper, Coriander Seeds, Cardamom Pods, Angelica Root and Lemon Myrtle used to flavour this gin.

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Tasting Notes for Wise Organic Gin

Nose:  Junipers, fresh pine needles, dried bay leaf, bath salts.
Palate: Full and smooth, dry Juniper backbone which is followed by a broad and sweet spice on the mid palate. It has an underlying fruitiness and is subtly spiced with pepper, The finish is long smooth dry and with a touch of exotic spice, pepper and lemon.

Wise Organic Gin: 700ml – 40% ABV

For the cleanest, most natural way to enjoy your Organic Gin – pour over ice. Alternatively, mix with Fever Tree Naturally Light Tonic Water and a twist of lemon or lime if you must.

Wise Organic Gin available at:

You can Buy Wise Organic Gin through their Tasting Room at Wise Estate or Online – see our special offer below.

Wise will also supply to Niche Gin Bars across the country.

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