Do you need a Family Lawyer in Perth?
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Do you need a Family Lawyer in Perth?

Do you need a Family Lawyer in Perth?

Family Lawyers Perth: Live in Perth? Need A Family Lawyer?

The experts over at West Family lawyers deal with divorce, separation and family breakdowns daily and they are known for their compassion and caring during this difficult time. We asked what are some of the things that our clients wish they knew before coming in for their first appointment.


  1. What is Spousal Maintenance and will your or your partner need to pay it? Spousal maintenance is a payment from one party to another, based on an assessment of needs and ability to assist. In Short, if one party can afford to pay and the other party needs assistance the Court can make and order for spousal maintenance on a interim or final basis.
  2. Court is not always necessary: No, in fact at West Family Lawyers they devote energy into resolving matters before they get to Court, however some matters are simply unable to be resolved without Court's assistance.
  3. Devorce can take up to 6 months: the average devorce finalisation is between 2-6 months from the lodgement of the application.
  4. You don't need your spouse to sign devorce papers: No, you don't need your spouse to agree to a devorce, nor do you need them to sign the application. An application for a devorce can be made jointly or by one party.
  5. You can be separated and living in the same house: There are still requirements that you will need to meet to obtain your devorce.

These are just a few of the questions they get asked if you want to read more about Family Law in Perth services click through the Family Law in Perth link.

West Family Lawyers stand for Care, integrity, strength.

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