Chiropractors Come to GTP for Digital Marketing
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Chiropractors Come to GTP for Digital Marketing

Chiropractors Come to GTP for Digital Marketing

Many thanks to several chiropractic clinics for coming to GTP iCommerce for digital marketing services.  I would like to thank these great chiropractors

As a regular user of chiropractic services myself, I have found that I have very few headaches compared to when I was not seeing a chiropractor.  As well as both lower back and upper back niggles.



Conditions Most Chiropractors Treat 

Low Back pain

Low back pain has many different causes. Chiropractors are trained to diagnose and appropriately manage low back pain. We have a variety of methods including advice, exercise, stretches and protocols to help patients with low back pain. The extent that we can assist is dependent on your individual case. There is research that supports that chiropractic management is a safe, effective option for different types of low back pain.(eg. Lawrence et al JMPT 2008 Nov-dec, Sanitlli et al Spine 2006 Mar-April )


Migraine is a special type of headache that is typically severe, with nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to light/sound, and is usually on one side of your head/eye. There can be many triggers for migraine, some serious. It is important to seek advice from your chiropractor /health practitioner if you get this kind of headache.

Sacroiliac joint pain

This pain comes from the pelvic, and is a known cause of low back pain, pelvic pain and referred pain. Chiropractic management is established as effective.

Facet joint pain

This pain comes from the joints of the spine, and is a known cause of low back pain. Chiropractic management is established as effective.


Headache is one of the common complaints that patients identify in clinics. Depending on the type, location, severity, frequency of the headache determines whether it is eye strain (ocular), tension (cervicogenic), referred from your jaw, sinus, or something more serious. A chirpractors role is to assess the type of headache you have and give advice or treatment that is appropriate for you. This sometimes means that they work with your GP.


Nerves can be pinched, squeezed, swollen or cut. The key to successfully helping patients with a pinched nerve is to diagnose which nerves are injured, how they are injured, and then the options to help our patent. Common nerve pains are sciatica, neuralgia, some headaches, intercostals neuralgia to name a few.

Disc pain

When discs wear out, bulge, protrude, or herniate they can cause extreme pain. Sometimes the pain is from the disc, or the structures they press on. The goal for a good recovery is to determine which type of disc complaint you have, and which treatment will give the best results. Chiropractors are able to diagnose the type of disc pain you have and  determine what the best options are for you.


Osteoporosis is a complaint where the bones are becoming fragile. A number of conditions can lead to osteoporosis from low calcium diet, alcoholism, prolonged steroid use. This condition effects men and women. The condition presents generally in older people.


Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis. It is likened to rust, where there is a gradual wearing away of the cartilage that lines the joint, with soft tissue welling, pain and stiffness. Anecdotally it is common for patients to seek help with this type of arthritis from chiropractors.


Scoliosis is an abnormal sideways curving of the spine. There are several types of scoliosis, and causes vary from trauma to poor posture, to genetic abnormalities, and idiopathic scoliosis. There is debate about what is the best, or most successful treatment for scoliosis. However it is worth discussing this condition with your chiropractor to see what they advise for you.

Knee pain

Injuries to the tendons, ligaments, muscles, cartilages and bones around your knee can all cause pain. Some common names are patella tracking, patella bursitis, torn cartilage, Osgood schlatters, acl tear and pcl tear. The approach the chiropractors take to manage the complaints is similar to other sports practitioners. We also have a range of chiropractic methods that are specifically for the knee.

Hip pain

It is quite common for patients to ask for help with a stiff, painful hip. Hip pain can be due to injuries, arthritis, or conditions that develop such as perthes, dysplasias, osteoarthritis, bursitis or strains to ligaments, tendons or the muscles that attach to the hip. Hip pain can also come from structures known as ITB, or TFL. The extent that chiropractic management can help is determined by the individual diagnosis and will include a patient's age and level of fitness. Our advice is to talk to our chiropractors to find out whether they can assist, help or resolve your complaint.


Repetitive strain injury is one of the names used for complaints that arise from multiple, prolonged movements of a body part.  The most common types are known as tennis elbow, golfers elbow, mouse arm, Wii shoulder, epicondylitis, occupational overuse injury and carpal tunnel. There are a range of treatment approaches used by all health practitioners which have differing levels of evidence of success. Chiropractors have an approach that involves identifying the cause of the complaint, whether it be from a workplace, a sporting action, or some other activity. The management is then based around how to get the best outcome for you once the cause is identified. This may also include checking areas of your body that may refer pain to the area of RSI.


Sciatica is the name used to describe pain that comes from the sciatic nerve. Typically this is pain that starts in the low back, or buttock and extends down the back of the thigh, sometimes into the calf or foot. Sometimes there are associated pins and needles or numbness or loss of strength in the thigh, leg or foot. Our Chiropractors aim to diagnose the cause of the sciatic pain (such as disc bulge, piriformis spasm, or foraminal stenosis) and then customise a treatment to solve this. This can involve a variety of manual adjustments, low force treatment, stretches, traction, advice on home care, soft tissue techniques. Imaging (x-rays) can often be required. Your chiropractor can also determine whether referral to other practicioners is required.

Shin Splints

Shin splints are a painful condition that effects the front of the leg. It usually occurs after excessive, or repetitive use of the shin muscles. Severity can vary. It is also known as Anterior Compartment syndrome. Sometimes ankle swelling  or weakness lifting the foot can occur. We manage this condition by determining what stage the complaint is at,  utilising a soft tissue technique, give you self help direction and review contributing factors (exercise level, load, shoes, feet/ankle/knee/hip/low back mechanics). We may also collaborate with other health practitioners. Recommendations are dependent on the specific nature of each patients’ complaint.

Shoulder Pain

There is a range of shoulder syndromes that patients seek help with. These range from simple strains such as deltoid, biceps, to more complicated tendon injuries like biceps tendon, supraspinatus tendon, and rotator cuff where there may be tearing or impingement. There are also symptoms that can arise from the bursa, and arthritis from the ball-socket (GH) joint or the acromial-clavicular (AC) joint. Some complaints have only soreness over the injury site, some involve a loss of mobility, some result in stiffness, some refer pain to other places, and sometimes the shoulder pain comes from the neck. It is important to have shoulder complaints thoroughly checked to find out exactly which condition you have. This is necessary as there are so many different problems that can occur. Our chiropractors know that the correct approach to help these complaints is determined by knowing exactly what it is.


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