Australia distributor of GT40 replicas.
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Australia distributor of GT40 replicas.

Australia distributor of GT40 replicas.

GTP icommerce have been working with Paul Hewitt in his adventure to creating GT40 replicas. He is Australia and New Zealand sole distributor of  CAV GT40 replica kits. 

Paul has always had a passion for all things car, one of his businesses was importing sports cars such as Nissan Skylines, Toyota Supras & Nissan 300ZX's from Japan and his latest venture is CAV GT40.

Why Cape Advanced Vehicles (CAV)?

Well what impressed Paul was the not just in the quality but the best safety practices. The attention to detail was closely followed as the next thing that he was impressed by. You can choose an option where your CAV GT40 comes fully painted to your choice of colour scheme, as well as other custom options that are all approved by and up to Australian Standards.


Follow your passion, be prepared to work hard and sacrifice, and, above all, don’t let anyone limit your dreams.

If you’ve dreamed of owning your own powerful supercar, then start your journey with a fact finding phone call with Paul or visit his website for more information.

The Ford GT40 legend lives on today and the tale of triumph continues to inspire as it did decades ago. They have even made a movie about this epic battle! See the trailer below…


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