10 Things I'll Be Doing for a Happy Christmas Break
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10 Things I'll Be Doing for a Happy Christmas Break

10 Things I'll Be Doing for a Happy Christmas Break

Christmas time for me is a time to relax and reflect on all the awesome things in life to be grateful for.

Merry Christmas 2018 and thank you from Dale, Janina, James, Carl, Angela & Geoff for being clients of GTP.  We are a small family business and your support and being a client is very much appreciated.

We all wish you a relaxing, fun, laughter filled, yummy food and great friendship catchups christmas period.


Here's The 10 Things I Will Be Doing for a Happy Xmas Break


1. I'll Be Nice to Everyone including this Jam Bun.

Yes, even if someone is making me mad, I'll be nice.  Family can be good at that (haha).  I'll just think of a nice Jam Bun from the Rottnest bakery.

2. I'll Plant Lots of Things in Pots

I'm finding gardening very satisfying at the moment so I'll be potting up lots of things.

3. Water My Pot Plants daily


It makes me happy to be in the garden so I will be out there making sure they don't get scortched to death during the christmas break.

4. I'll Tell My Kids How Great They Are Daily.

If I tell them often enough, they might believe it.  It seems to have worked so far.  On ya Jack and Amy Carter.

5. I'll Make a Candle Holder Like This One

Cool - Huh?

6. Get a Beehive For My Back Garden

Can you help me out here. 2nd hand would be great. 

7. Go Body Surfing

That will make me feel alive and invigorated.

8. Give Scruffles a Cuddle.

Yes he is cute!

9. Play Giant Jenga in the Garden.

Something different for Christmas day actitivies

10. Be Thankful I Live in Perth Australia

Yes, living in Perth in Australia makes me happy. Especially if we can beat India in the test series this year.


Merry Christmas - Have A Great Xmas Period.

Dale, Janina, James, Carl, Angela and Geoff.






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