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February SEO Special - Massive Ranking Boost

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GTP iCommerce Hourly Block Packages February SEO Special - Massive Ranking Boost

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Price:  $3,520.00 AUD
GTP iCommerce Pty Ltd In stock! Order now!

FEBRUARY 2018 SPECIAL - Get 20 Hours of Amazing SEO work done by Dale and his team for the Price of 13.  or think of it as Buy 13 Hours and get another 7 Hours Free.

This is an open ended purchase of 20 hour of time for SEO work using GTPs new fast Tactics to rank hundreds more pages in weeks on the first page.

Comes with a HUGE Discount to the standard hourly rate $172 per hour so you get 20 hours for the price of 13 or think of it as buying 13 hours and getting 7 for free.

We will utilise these hours up over 1-2 months so we can action, review, refine and action our tactics some more.



GTP have moved back directly into the SEO services field after a few years of watch and wait and experimentation with tactics to find what works cost effectively.

This past year we have experimented with amazing new strategies and tactics with exceptional results that we are now making available to you as a client of GTP.


NOTE - We have several compelling difference to our competitors in the SEO space which you must know about...

  1. We only charge for what we do so you are not paying monthly fees when no work is being done.  If you are currently paying anywhere between $500 - $3500 per month for SEO (not Adwords) then there are some hard questions you need to be asking your SEO provider to ensure you.  are getting value.  

    For example ask, 
    1. what actually did you do this month? apart from send us a report.  
    2. How many links did you build to our web site?, 
    3. Where are those links so I can check for myself?, 
    4. How many pages of new content did you create for our web site and where is it?.  
    5. What content did you change and what were the changes.  

      Unfortunately most providers will provide you with a lot of technical waffle back in order to confuse you.  SAY NO to smoke and mirrors!

      With GTP we log our activity and what we are doing.  It forms our time sheets and billing records.  This makes our SEO work transparent.  This means that some months your Bill will be high and some months your bill will be nothing based on what we work on.  On average you will save thousands.  With GTP as you will be paying for activity and not the promise of far off results.

      There are too many good aggressive salesman using hope, greed and fear to fleece small business with overpriced, ineffective SEO programs where there is little work done.  Sorry, but Perth is being ripped off by many who are not delivering value for money.  

      I can\'t help everyone but I can help you and this is some of what we can offer

  2. We have superior tools that we have either built ourselves or located over the last 2 years that provide us with
    1. The best on page SEO optimisation tips covering technical, content, structural and social factors.
    2. Excellent link building opportunities
    3. The ability to create new web pages in hours that rank targeting many key words in different combinations.
    4. The ability to link to your site from local Australian businesses instead of far off Indian junk sites meaning more relevance
    5. Proven tactics that you pay for as you go, that can be repeated for other key phrases when they prove successful.


Examples of some work done recently

Xpert bookkeepers ranks Page 1, position 2 for "xero bookkeeper", and "xero bookkeeper perth" plus for 350 page 1 rankings for every suburb in Perth. UPDATE - Just try a search for "bookkeeper" - if in Perth it should be #1 organic.

Devrite Homes: From no where to rank for custom home builder in every suburb in Perth.  e.g. search "Custom home builder leederville" or "custom home builder sorrento" - UPDATE - Just try "builder cottesloe" or "builder city beach" and see page 1 listings.

Heat Pumps Perth: Has multiple number 1 rankings for combinations of phrases around heat pumps. A heat pump is the cheapest to run hot water system by the way.  google "heat pumps perth"

VE Graphics: 12 Top 3 and 14 Top 10 to make 26 Page 1 rankings for everything exhibition displays in Perth.  e.g. "trade show stands perth", "exhibtion stands perth".  Achieved in 1-2 months from out of no where.

Sea Jewels Swimwear: ranks page 1 for ten thousand plus towns, suburbs and cities across the entire continent of Australia for anything to do with Chlorine resistant swimwear.  Try "Chlorine Resistant Swimwear" and "chlorine resistant swimwear Sydney" Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and more...


And More...: Call to make an appointment if you want more proof which we can show you directly.


Our Promise is that - 

  • We can rank you for hundreds of Perth Suburbs or thousands of Australian Suburbs in weeks not months for your keyword and that suburb.
  • We can rank you for hundreds of unique keyword combinations in weeks not months
  • If you would like to organise a sit down to put in place a program of improvement then please let me know 


Our Hourly Rate for a block of 20 hours of SEO work on your project is at HALF PRICE FOR FEBRUARY ONLY. 

Don\'t Pay $3520  - Pay JUST at $2200

Save $1320 and you are Guaranteed quality work with full transparency with GTP

Get us working on your SEO right from the beginning of the New Year to make your 2018 a great year. quality job. 

You get 21 years of Dale Carter\'s SEO experience dropped from $172 inc GST to $110 inc GST.  For many this is a whole years SEO and all that will be needed.  This is 20 hours plus or minus, depending on what we do specifically for you.  

You know GTP has built amazing rankings in the past for many clients.  We are now refocusing our energies back into this space now that we have built a fast platform that makes it easier and faster to do the required SEO tasks effectively.


If you would like to book and pay for your 20 hours SEO so we can kickstart you for 2018 then add to cart and buy your block of work.

TEXT Dale on 0411 352 766 with the Message "SEO Consult Please" and I can call and explain more if you are unsure.




Dale Carter

Managing Director 
GTP Internet Commerce

0411 352 766

1300 856 533

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