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Top features of the Cellarbrations website


Brand and category search

This Function allows clients who know exactly what they are looking for to find the product fast. It is easily accessible on all product search pages. The whole left menu is brand and category search which allows for clients to browse with ease. 


Bundle Prices

A unique function that was created for Cellarbrations that we have perfected to allowed it to be used across all sites. This function is perfect for discounted bundles prices or just to show the whole range or prices available for the product.


Product display has a wish list option and on the Cellarbrations site the bundle price options are easy to see and clients are able to select what they want.


Standard sites come with a simple specials page where as Cellarbrations has a customised specials panel.

  • Almost perfect score
  • Tests conducted on all pages
  • Comprehensive tests
  • Test conducted regularly to keep websites up to date and running effectively



  • Almost perfect scores in speed
  • "A" rating
  • Tests conducted on all pages
  • Tests conducted on multiple testing platforms