Call GTP for a quote on your next project 1300 856 533Call GTP for a quote on your next project 1300 856 533
Call GTP for a quote on your next project 1300 856 533 Call GTP for a quote on your next project 1300 856 533 Call GTP for a quote on your next project 1300 856 533
SEO: Search Engine Marketing and Search engine Optimisation

SEO Tips: Optimise each Web Page for a Targeted Keyword Phrase and Watch your Traffic Grow

Creating a highly optimised and search engine friendly site as part of your internet marketing revolves around four important factors:

  1. Using a platform that is built for search engine optimisation (seo) (Like the GTP platform)
  2. Creating content that search engines can easily crawl and index. (Your GTP site is easily crawled)
  3. Linking your site together so that PageRank flows correctly and is channelled to your most important pages. (GTP gives you the tools to internally link your web pages using keywords)
  4. Placing your keywords in the proper locations on your page to achieve optimal ranking effect. (GTP has the software to identify these areas) 

A number of sites get one or two of these correct, but it is rare to see a site which has mastered all four. This is good news for you, because if you fully understand the art of creating a search engine friendly site, then you've got a huge advantage over your competition.  But if you don't, then you can call on the team at GTP to teach you and do the work for you. 

At GTP we are constantly working to get all the seo factors right so that you can race to the top of the pack before your competition even see you coming.  We are constantly researching the latest search engine trends and scouring for new ideas to help you raise your ranking.

Your GTP Web Site is Structured so that we can Optimise (SEO) for Specific Keyword Phrases

Before we even begin looking at further optimising your web site, we make sure that we have built your site with a structure that can be search optimised easily using our content management systems.

We are then able to use professional software systems to analyse and feedback recommendations on exactly where to place your key word combinations for maximum impact on your search engine rankings.

Our software looks at a myriad of statistical evidence from page 1 rankings of web sites within your industry, and enables GTP to tweak your web site content according to what other page 1 web sites are doing.

We then look to rewrite your web page copy so that it is both effective marketing material for your target market and attractive to the main search engines to rank higher than your competition.

The process generally takes between two to three hours per web page, per keyword phrase that your site is being optimised for. The process will almost always pay for itself many many times over with increased traffic and increased sales for your business.

Would You Like Your Web Pages Further Optimised?

GTP are an Australian web design and search engine optimisation company established in 1996.  If you would like a keyword optimisation done for your web site, then please contact GTP Internet Commerce on 1300 856 533 or fill in our online enquiry form and ask for a keyword optimisation quote.

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