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Call GTP for a quote on your next project 1300 856 533 Call GTP for a quote on your next project 1300 856 533 Call GTP for a quote on your next project 1300 856 533



You know those ‘bad hair’ days when no-one gives you a second glance and when you feel as bad as you look?.  But once we’ve scrubbed up and made a bit of an effort – it’s amazing how good that makes us feel.

It’s the same story with furniture.  Time and duty take their toll on furniture, and it too can start looking like it needs a makeover of its own to restore its good looks.    OK, so your antiques can’t head to the salon for a pamper session, but you can give it a little pampering of its own.  A little timber polish, a clean cloth and a little elbow grease is all that it takes to put the life back into your old furniture.

It’s a fact of life that timber furniture gets dirty and dusty – but it’s not worth letting it go just because the passage of time has taken its toll.  All wood furniture deserves protection, and the very best way to protect it is by using natural products like lemon oil and carnauba wax.

Gilly Stephenson, a long-established supplier of furniture wax and timber polish in Australia says that it doesn’t take much to give furniture a new lease on life, but it is important to firstly determine what type of finish the wood has. 

To determine what the finish is, take some linseed oil, drop a tiny bit onto the surface and then rub it softly.  If the surface is oil-based, it will absorb the oil, but if it is a hard finish, it will repel the oil.  Before getting started on protecting the timber surface (regardless of the finish) it’s important to remove any accumulated dust or grime – which is easily done with a damp, soft cloth such as an old nappy or cotton shirt. 

For oil-based finishes, polishing with a natural furniture wax such as beeswax once a year will provide it with adequate protection.   If the timber has a hard finish, then the best option is a multi surface timber polish. 

If your timber furniture is looking a little worse for wear, give it a makeover with a little ‘spit and (timber) polish’..... and it will look as good as new.  And once you’ve done that – why not take some time out to have a makeover of your own ?!

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