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Call GTP for a quote on your next project 1300 856 533 Call GTP for a quote on your next project 1300 856 533 Call GTP for a quote on your next project 1300 856 533


The story begins with a newlywed couple looking for their first home to buy.  After much searching, they eventually found their dream home.  It ticked all the boxes – and the icing on the cake was the sparkling swimming pool .  They were so thrilled and couldn’t wait to entertain friends and show off their new abode. 

But when they moved, the sparkling pool had morphed into an ugly empty concrete hull.  Their dream home had vanished – just like the swimming pool had.  This was more of a nightmare than a fairytale   So – what happened ? 

They were conned – pure and simple.  The seller didn’t have the right approvals for the pool, so by emptying it out, he simply ‘removed’ the problem!.   

It’s an old story – and yet people still get conned, particularly first time buyers.  Mistakes can be very costly – and even experienced buyers have been known to fall for scams.  Even if you’re renting a property, do thorough checks with the landlord or property management company before making any commitment.

Hidden faults can be very expensive to fix.  It’s easy to get caught up in the momentum of the excitement and to overlook issues like leaks, drainage, damp, electrical issues, water pressure etc.   A close look at the detail (and that includes the contractual detail and documentation) will save a lot of heartache and money in the long-run.

An established Carlisle property management company in Perth, Western Australia had the following suggestions to safeguard would-be buyers :

Be vigilant when it comes to areas that have been freshly fixed or painted over as this could hide potentially serious problems such as damp, rust, mould or even structural issues.

If walls sound hollow when tapped, they could be rotting – while bubbling or peeling paint could indicate rising damp.   Fixing damp problems can be tricky as well as expensive.

Check that windows and doors slide easily – if not, they could be warped or damaged.   If there’s a garage door (automated or manual), also check that that works well.  In fact, it’s always a good idea to ensure that keys and locks all function efficiently as that can be another unnecessary cost outlay.

Check the certification for gas, electricity, termites, structures (eg swimming pools !) etc.

Turn on all the taps, hoses, showers, flush toilets etc to ensure water pressure is OK. 

Have a look at the roof tiles etc to ensure there’s no damage and check the aerials (if any) to ensure they are working properly.  Internet access and telephone lines should also be evaluated..

If the property has dated bathrooms and kitchens, make sure you have a handle on the cost of renovation before committing.

Check the central heating and airconditioning units and make sure that your appliances (washing machines, fridges, dishwashers etc) can fit into the spaces allowed..  Making adjustments – or purchasing new equipment – can be expensive.

When buying a new home, don’t buy someone else’s problems.  To make a home really work, you have to do a bit of homework say the Bentley real estate and property management professionals. 


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