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If you are new to contact lenses or you’ve been having some problems with your contacts, the following FAQs may provide some answers. 

Do I have to get a prescription for contact lenses?

Yes – you’ll need a prescription from the optometrist or eye-doctor for any type of contact lenses – including coloured ones which are purely cosmetic and don’t have any vision-correction requirements.

Is there a ‘starting’ age for contact lenses?

Contacts can be worn by people of any age (even babies have worn them), but it does depend on how responsible the child is going to be with regards to eye-care.

Can I swim and play other sports whilst wearing contact lenses ?

Most sports can be played with ease while wearing contacts.  Soft lenses are best if the sport is vigorous and involves physical contact.  Swimming with goggles on is fine (but they need to seal properly) otherwise you run the risk of the contact lens floating out of the eye while in the water.  Lenses may also absorb the water from the pool causing them to stick more firmly against the eye so they may be tricky to remove – plus the chlorine in the water may cause eye irritation. 

Is there any truth to the comment that lenses can ‘fall out’ of an eye?

With normal use, contacts will stay put.  However, there are extraordinary and rare situations (eg severe blow to the head, vigorous rubbing etc) that can result in the lens falling out.

Is it possible for contact lenses to get lost behind the eye?

No, a lens can’t go beyond the eye’s front surface due to a strong membrane called the conjunctiva.  If for some reason your lens moves under the eyelid and you can’t dislodge it, then it’s best to see your doctor to help get it back to the original position. 

Are contacts effective against blocking UV rays?

Some contact lenses do block some of the ultraviolet radiation, but are not totally effective. 

How long do contacts last ?

There are several different types of lenses – hard, rigid gas permeable lenses and soft ones.  Regular contacts can be worn for anything from 12 – 24 months whilst disposable ones are effective for between two and eight weeks, but your eye-care professional will advise more accurate timespans. 

Can I sleep in my contacts ?

Extended wear contacts can be worn overnight, but daily wear ones need to be removed before going to bed.  However, it does depend on the type of lens as well as other factors, so Perth contacts supplier, Student Contact Lenses advise that you check with your eye-care professional first.

I wear bifocal glasses – is it possible to get similar contact lenses?


If I have astigmatism, is it still possible to wear contacts?


For any queries about contact lenses, Perth professionals Student Contact Lenses will be able to help.






















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