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Email Marketing in Australia
Email Marketing: Easily capture sales leads and drive traffic back to your site with GTP's integrated email marketing solution

If you are looking for an email marketing solution that is integrated with your web site, then know that all GTP web sites come packaged with the GTP Contact email marketing application.

Here are 11+1 very good reasons why GTP Contact is the right choice for your email marketing needs.

1. The Software is Integrated.

GTP Contact is a powerful email marketing application that integrates seamlessly with all other applications attached to your GTP web site.  GTP Contact is integrated with other GTP products including GTP iCommerce, GTP Affiliate and GTP iNews.

GTP Contact is not only an email marketing tool, it is a contact management tool and is commonly used to control customer access to different pricing levels, (wholesale versus retail customers).  GTP Contact can also control which information pages on your web site are displayed.

GTP Contact has a host of features which can improve the way you stay in contact with your customer base. These include the following.

2. Web Forms that Capture Sales Leads for Ongoing Marketing

GTP Contact does a great job of capturing every prospective client's details (email capture) into your database, allocating them into specific categories and price points so that they are ready to be marketed to.

You are able to log into your Web Site Administration Area, view your contact lists and identify exactly how many sales leads you are generating from your web site each month.

You can then move contacts from category to category, or copy them into additional categories, change their Web site access levels or pricing point levels as you see fit. You can even upload an image of your contact if required.

3. Create and Build Rich Text HTML Newsletters

Having a large list of contacts in your database is absolutely useless unless you communicate with them on a regular basis. To do this, we provide you with the ability to create simple text emails that will be personalised to each person that it is sent to. Or you have the ability to create rich text HTML layouts.

In most instances GTP will create a standard email web site template specific to your business using your branding and colours.

You are then able to create a great looking email newsletter with minimal skills, which is accessible from your web site, and is also in a compliant format for emailing.

Check out some simple email templates our clients use on the left hand side of this page

4. Sending Emails out with GTP Contact

The sending capabilities of GTP Contact go far beyond being able send to one or more categories of your contacts. You are able to send emails to subcategories of contacts, or send pre-packaged information to individual contacts. 

You can even filter contacts into countries and/or suburbs and/or postcode groups and/or companies. Sending to selected companies is very useful for sending 'accounts overdue' emails from your 30-day or 60-day overdue list.

5. Unsubscribe Facilities

All GTP Contact emails have the choice of placing an unsubscribe link in the footer, which will move your contact into an unsubscribe category. Generally we do not automatically delete the contact from your database, because other services controlled by GTP Contact may be in place, such as pricing level control. The contact simply may not wish to receive your regular newsletter communications.

6 . Complete Autoresponder Control

With GTP Contact, you can manage the automatic autoresponder messages that are sent out to your prospects when they fill in enquiry forms or other forms. Email autoresponders can free up your response times.

7. Multiple Autoresponders Going out on Different Days

You can also set up a series of emails to be sent out several days apart, after initial contact has been made with you.

8. You can Attach Files to your Mail-Outs and Autoresponders

In some instances, you may wish to have product information emailed as an attachment to your prospective clients. With GTP Contact you can attach PDF documents and other documents to your mass mail-outs and automatic response emails.

9. You can Export your Contact Lists

Having control of your email database is important, and not just for backup purposes. We have several exporting options, including being able to export the entire database, or for you to select specific categories and fields that you wish to export.

This means that you can create a file which you can use in your offline marketing, for instance using the data in a mail merge letter to your customers.

10. You can Import your Contact Lists

It is quite likely that you already have extensive contact lists within your Outlook, Outlook Express, Maximiser or other customer relationship management software.

You should be able to export your contact list out into an Excel friendly CSV file, which can be manipulated into the correct columns and imported into your GTP Contact database.

11. Reduced Email Duplication with Email De-duplication Facilities

Nothing can be more annoying than when you receive several of the same emails from an email marketing mail-out. To avoid this at GTP, we check all form submissions against the contacts that are currently in the database. Instead of adding a duplicate email address to the database, GTP Contact locates the existing contact and simply assigns them to another category, if this is a different web form to one they have used previously.

However, contacts can be duplicated if they are imported in from a CSV file, but these can be quickly eradicated by using the de-duplication facilities that come with GTP Contact.

12. Monitoring of Mail-outs

Sending out 50,000 emails is not something that happens instantly. We provide an email mail-out monitoring system, which will show you how many emails have been sent out currently out of the total list that you have asked to be sent out. If for some reason, the system stops, you will know where it has stopped and be able to restart it from this point.

Contact GTP if You want a Web Site with Email Marketing

If you are looking for a web site company that can also take care of your email marketing needs, then please give GTP Internet Commerce a call on 1300 856 533, or fill in our email marketing contact form and we will call you.

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