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Are criminals deterred by the knowledge that they are being covered by cctv security cameras?

Both the public and the private sectors around the world use CCTV surveillance cameras as a tool for crime prevention.  For example, the city of London protects its inhabitants with over half a million cctv cameras...and counting.  In New York, there are said to be over 4 000 cameras on bridges, in the subway and in tunnels whilst on the other side of the world, security surveillance cameras in Perth, Australia are an integral component of the authorities’ fight against crime.

Advances in technology have also made camera surveillance even more effective, and some home cctv systems are now even operable using mobile phone applications.

Not everyone agrees that security cameras prevent crime, but perhaps it’s the fact that people feel safer in places where they have been installed that makes them worthwhile.  For some people, security cameras represent an invasion of privacy and they resent the fact that their lives are being observed by strangers who haven’t been given their permission to do so.  It’s an ongoing debate – but there are many instances where cctv has proven to be an effective deterrent as well as being pivotal in the identification and prosecution of criminals.

In London for example, footage from security cameras following the July bombings in which 52 people were killed, provided police with crucial leads in identifying the bombers and how they went about executing their crime.  Footage from cameras in Australia is also helping authorities crack down on graffiti vandals – and was also recently used to identify a gang who had been involved in street fights and whose brawls were captured on a surveillance camera in Perth.

Regardless of whether you give cctv cameras the thumbs up or the thumbs down, the reality is that they’re a fact of life and one which is becoming more prevalent every day.  

Contact Perth cctv and security professionals, Austguard, for expert advice on how security cameras can make you and your property safer.  Contact Mark Schwarzer on 1300 883 898 or visit the website for more information.

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