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Call GTP for a quote on your next project 1300 856 533 Call GTP for a quote on your next project 1300 856 533 Call GTP for a quote on your next project 1300 856 533

10 Fantastic Features to GTP’s Shopping Cart

Written by Dale Carter, GTP iCommerce Marketing Manager | 27th January 2008


GTP’s successful shopping cart solutions provide a massive range of features for the small and medium business operator.  Add to this desktop software for MYOB users to pull online orders direct into the MYOB accounting package and you have a solid formula for online success.  In this article I'm going to share with you 10 features that I think really set GTP’s Shopping Cart apart from other shopping carts, keeping in mind that it's more than just a shopping cart – it’s a total internet marketing solution. 

Why is this? Because it comes standard with four e-marketing solutions including GTP Contact for email marketing and automatic lead followup, GTP Inews for managing web pages,  GTP Marketing Tools for link building and running promotions, and GTP Promotional Tools for search engine optimisation, Google Adwords and analytics conversion tracking and much more…

If you'd like to get your hands on the GTP Shopping Cart solution that brings in millions to clients in online sales, you can contact our office via email or phone 1300 856 533 or use our contact form. We are looking forward to helping you get the best value from your internet marketing.

Feature #1 – Search Engine Optimised

Without a doubt this is the most critical feature that makes our clients happy.  The ease with which you can target keywords across your site and the way GTP Shopping Cart automatically targets each product results not just in more traffic but in more pre-qualified buyers for you.

Our clients have saved thousands of dollars paid out by other companies to get to the top of the search engines.  At GTP our sites come pre optimised by the way they are coded.  This makes it an easy process of identifying the most important keyword phrases and entering these into predefined areas on your web site.  We’ll give you solid tips on what to do once inside the package once you come on board.

Feature #2 –Custom Designed

GTP's Shopping Cart solutions are styled to a unique design that fits with your overall brand.  At GTP we guarantee you will be absolutely delighted with the final design and this can involve a number of design concepts being presented before a result is achieved.  You tell us what you want and we’ll design it, or get your own designer to put together a design and we’ll build it.  Either way you’re guaranteed a great looking web site that you can manage online

Feature #3 –Optional MYOB and QuickBooks Integration

It’s important that as you grow, your shopping cart solution can grow with you.  GTPs shopping cart solutions can be bundled with  GTP’s MYOB desktop software which pulls online orders direct into your MYOB without any re-keying, saving hours of time each week. Your MYOB customers can be synchronised with the GTP’s contact database and changes made online are tracked back to MYOB customer card files.

Feature #4 - Comes Integrated with Contact Management, Content Management, Marketing Tools and Search Engine Tools.

GTP’s Shopping Cart is built as an integrated online marketing solution to save you time and maximise your ability to get results fast from your e-marketing.

Contact Management

First we bundle in GTP Contact with email capture of sales leads, importing of contact lists, automatic email follow-ups, custom designed email newsletter templates, mass email communication, management of customer access level to prices and information.  It’s fantastic!  And NEW in 2008 : Send SMS text messages to your database with promotional codes and special offer alerts.

Content Management

Then add GTP iNews which allows you to manage all your web pages including changing text, inserting images, embedding flash files, setting up tables, editing tables (this use to be hard!).  You can create as many web pages as you like and they will automatically become part of the navigation or you can cross link pages to each other.  In fact this entire web site is run and managed using GTP iNews?

Marketing Tools

Add to this GTP’s Marketing Tools which includes an affiliate program and the ability to automatically send out discount vouchers and gift vouchers on sign up, or to create special promotions for customers.  It’s all available!

Search Engine Tools

Finally there are GTP’s Search Engine Tools which allow you to customise the title tags, meta tags and general keyword tags across your entire site.  Then you can add in tracking codes for your Google Adwords campaigns, your Google analytics code, commission monster and other affiliate codes.

Overwhelmed? ..Don’t be… we understand it takes time to learn everything and the GTP team will help you over time to use all the features in our shopping cart package to grow your business.

Feature #5 – FREE Offline Payment Processing and Low-Cost Payment Gateway Integration

GTP Shopping Cart comes integrated with Securepay, and Paypal so you can start taking credit cards from the biggest and most respected payment gateway providers in Australia.  Accepting credit cards through Paypal can be set up in 45 minutes and Securepay takes just 24 hours to activate.

If you already have an EFTPOS terminal then take our batch processing option which costs you nothing (FREE).  Plus we have good relationships with suppliers of credit card terminals from Just $9.95 per month. An absolute bargain so talk to us first about your e-commerce options.

Feature #6 – Custom Freight Configuration

Everyone does freight differently and with a GTP Shopping Cart you can specify complex freight rules to our team and have these built into your web site.  For example you may provide free freight to wholesale customers but charge Australian Post rates to retail customers.  Or Free freight in your city or town but use another rule for out of town orders.  If you’ve got the freight rules written down, we’ll code these in for you.  Australia Post rates come standard when we setup your shopping cart.

Feature #7 -  Useful Sales Reports

GTP Shopping Cart provides you with REAL actionable business statistics, including monthly sales charts, sales by country, payment method breakdowns, overall total sales, average orders per day, total orders per month, average revenue per customer,  top 20 products sold, total units sold, and customer lists of who bought particular products.  Many of the reports can be created by defining date parameters allowing detailed analyses of trends. 

Feature #8 – No Upgrades – New Features and Improvements All The Time.

GTP Shopping Cart comes in one level – “ULTIMATE” so you have all the tools necessary right from the start to make your online store another success story.  And once you have bought your shopping cart solution from GTP you will enjoy new features being added over time by our developers.

Feature #9 - Import/Export From Third Party Shopping Cart Software

It’s simple to import or export your product database and customer database from third party shopping cart software, including OsCommerce. You don't have to grapple with exporting databases or permissions - our simple import/export format makes it easy. You can import from simple CSV files or TAB delimited files.

Feature #10 – Integrated Help | Dynamic Tutorials | FREE Customer Support

With GTP Shopping Cart, help is always at your finger tips. We've built fantastic online videos tutorials that show you how to do all the tasks required to run a great online store.  This means you can easily train yourself and staff on how to manage your products and orders by having them step through the tutorials within each section. The support link on our web site lists our current tutorials and we are always creating new ones as we get asked questions.   

Add to this FREE unlimited support via phone on 1300 856 533 or email on and you understand that at GTP we are committed to getting you results.


If you're already a GTP customer you know that we put our customers first and go above and beyond their expectations. We've built a team of developers around GTP’s Shopping Cart who know the software inside out meaning that if you have a problem, we can take care of it and if you have a unique business requirement we can customise for it.

At GTP  we give you a written web site Guarantee because we want you to know that we are willing to commit 110% to making your new website a fantastic source of new sales for you.

I hope you like the sound of the GTP Shopping Cart.  We'll be putting in more features and capabilities over the coming year which you will get access to.  However you can have a fantastic web site with shopping cart now and enjoy all the benefits of more sales leads, customers and profits through the coming year. 
See our site ( for more information on our pricing and packages, or feel free to call us on 1300 856 533 (AUS)  or 61 8 6389 0758 to discuss your business and get a tailored quote.

Dale Carter
Managing Director
GTP iCommerce
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