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Call GTP for a quote on your next project 1300 856 533 Call GTP for a quote on your next project 1300 856 533 Call GTP for a quote on your next project 1300 856 533

Put Your Web Site on Steroids with Effective Email Marketing

There is no question in my mind that our most successful clients are the ones that consistently and persistently use email marketing in their business.  And you can achieve the fantastic results our other clients have by using the powerful GTP Contact email marketing system.

With GTP Contact you can "Capture contacts, categorise leadsprepare newsletter mail-outs and send thousands of personalised e-mails" to your personal and opt-in contact database.  The results you see will often be an immediate boost in your online sales. 

At GTP our focus is on your results and that is why we bundle our GTP Contact application into every web site we produce.  Without it, your web site would be only half as good.  Read on to find out about some of the great features of GTP Contact.

A Powerful and Comprehensive Database Engine

The GTP Contact database system allows you to enter comprehensive information about your contacts.

The minimum is an email address, and the rest is up to you. Phone numbers, organisational details, there's even room for personalised notes and comments.

You can sort your contacts into many different categories and subcategories which means better targeted emails. You can import and export your contacts in CSV (commas separated values) format so you can use them in other applications. For example, Microsoft Word and Excel in a physical letter mail merge.

Ability to Send Thousands of Emails at Once

You can send out thousands of emails at one time after composing and selecting your target groups. You compose an email in GTP Contact's easy to use back-end interface, link it to a list of contacts, and the system will send it to everyone on your list. Each email is personalised. e.g. "Hi [firstname], how are you?" So that the email is more likely to be read.

Research shows that you and I pay more attention to the information we hear after our name is spoken.

We have found GTP Contact great for newsletters and product announcements, or simply as a fast way to keep customers up to date with important information. Also, because GTP Contact personalises each email as it goes out with your prospect's name, your contacts need never know that it's not a single, one-off message sent personally by you!

Easy Web Site Integration

If you know basic HTML you can set up a simple email response form or modify your existing forms to link directly into the GTP Contact database (or let GTP do it for you). This means you won't need to type your new prospects' details into the database yourself which saves you time and therefore money.

GTP Contact uses a form that automatically inserts a web contact into the system. GTP Contact will also pull more than just the name and email address information out of the form. It can also extract and database many other contact details such as phone numbers, address details and so on.

The web form will also trigger your automated sales messages by using the GTP Contact auto responder feature. This is a really powerful part of the package.

Let me explain why...

Effective Auto Responder Features

Research has shown that fewer than 10% of potential customers will buy the first time they see your promotion - so it is important to have consistent and effective followup, as response rates increase with the more contact your potential customers have with you.

GTP Contact allows you to set up a series of marketing emails that are sent at regular preset intervals. You can create different marketing campaigns and have them triggered from your web site's contact form or "send more information" form.

Your leads will receive your promotional emails one after the other spaced over days, weeks, even months! Even better, each email will be personalised by the system to give added impact. You can subscribe whole categories of contacts into an auto responder series or just an individual.

The regular contact will build trust and a personal rapport with your customers and lead to more sales conversions.

It can also be used as a newsletter server. You might create 52 pre-written weekly newsletter articles into the system of "how to" tips and information.

iCommerce Management Suite

The GTP Contact administration interface is available to you on the web 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Login any time to add to your contacts, edit your emails and set up new auto responder series. All you need is internet access, and you can manage your contacts with GTP Contact.

To set up your web site with GTP and get GTP Contact the email marketing package included, simply call 1300 856 533 for more information. We are ready to answer your questions.

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