Call GTP for a quote on your next project 1300 856 533Call GTP for a quote on your next project 1300 856 533
Call GTP for a quote on your next project 1300 856 533 Call GTP for a quote on your next project 1300 856 533 Call GTP for a quote on your next project 1300 856 533

How to get the most out of your GTP Internet Commerce web site! Web site support tips. 

Congratulations on choosing GTP Internet Commerce as your web marketing partner. Before going on to the tutorial pages linked on the left hand menu please take the time to read our below tips.

Go Through Our Support Pages Thoroughly


To get the greatest value out of your GTP web site we recommend that you go through our support pages thoroughly. Not only will it teach you how to use the GTP content management system effectively and efficiently but hopefully it will alert you to many of the features that you may not have even considered when you first selected GTP to build your website.


Ask us First Before Looking for External Solutions

Instead of looking externally for specific features or tools to use in your Internet marketing, we recommend looking here first or giving us a call because oftentimes we have a simple and cost-effective solution. What we most often find is that we already have a solution in place ready for you to use. All it needs is a little bit of education and training for you and perhaps a few small things done at our end to get you using a whole new raft of Internet marketing tools.


Tell us When You Have Difficulties by Email and Phone.

Because we are always trying to improve our software and systems to make things easier for you in the management of your web site we ask that if you are having difficulties making changes and updates to your website that you let us know so that we can look at making improvements for you. Chances are that if you are having a problem so too is one of our other clients.


Don't Get Frustrated - Get on the Phone

As part of your GTP Internet commerce website and content management package you are entitled to full phone support in making changes on your site. Rather than get frustrated with making changes please give us a call at the office and get some assistance when you need it. Commonly there are some simple tips and tricks that we can pass on to you that are sometimes difficult to express on the Web site or buried deep within the tutorials. Don't get frustrated - get on the phone.

Remote Support to Guide you through it all

We may be able to support you as if we were there in the room with Remote Support. Simply visit our GTP Support page to get started. No matter if you're on a PC or a Mac we will be able to guide you and help you through any number of problems you may have.


What is Our Support Number and Times?

The best time to call for support is during standard office hours of 9.00 5 p.m. on our 1300 856 533 number. Outside of this time please dial 0411 352 766 up until 10 p.m. each evening including weekends. Alternatively if your support question is not urgent then please send an e-mail to



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